How to Get People to Purchase, Complete, Upgrade and Rave About Your Online Course

Whether you already have some years in the online course business and are now wondering how to take the next step, OR you have a solid business where you’re looking to scale and ultimately dominate your market, this guide is for you. In Client Engagement Academy we live, breathe, and create online courses. Using our data-driven and proven methodologies, we’ve helped dozens of clients scale fast and maximize their opportunities to get more customers, lower customer service costs, and increase the lifetime value of their customers. Now, I want to share some of this valuable advice with you! I’ve divided this blog post into three easy-to-consume sections, to help you identify exactly what you need to optimize in your online course to maximize your profits and start creating your dream online business.

The Biggest Online Course Creation Pitfall You Must Avoid

There are a lot of mistakes you can make when building a course, but there’s one in particular that I see repeatedly. This mistake happens to people that you wouldn’t expect it to happen to. It happens to experts, to teachers filled with enthusiasm, and to people overflowing with excitement to teach their topic. Passion and enthusiasm are a huge advantage because they are contagious feelings that pass on to students. The best teachers out there are FILLED UP with passion. But, at the same time, it can be your biggest pitfall!

Checklist: Critical Success Factors You Need to Incorporate Into Your Online Course

Maybe you’re a seasoned online course creator, looking to make your courses more profitable. Or maybe you’re just starting out, completely overwhelmed by the idea of creating a course from scratch. Whatever the case, to achieve the maximum potential of your online course business, you need to “bake in” these critical success factors. After more than 30 years working with global clients, I’ve realized that low course completion rates (and their students’ level of online engagement) is a problem that needs to be solved, and this will end up having a HUGE effect on any business' bottom line. In this article, I walk you through how we’ve managed to solve this problem in Client Engagement Academy and how it led to the birth of our this checklist.

6 Reasons Why Online Course Creators Should Use Digital Badges

Before I dive into the six reasons you should be using digital badges for your online course, let’s take a crash course on WHAT a digital badge is. At its most fundamental level, a digital badge is the new digital education currency. On a literal level, a digital badge is the new diploma. It’s packed full of information regarding the organization that issued the badge and what the recipient had to do to earn the badge. It’s the new paper certificate you receive when you complete a course or a certification - a way to validate your skill level and show employers, clients, friends and customers that you have the mastery you claim – certified by a third party.

What Do Students Want From Online Courses?

Find Out What Students Want From Your Online Courses It doesn’t matter how great your online course content is or how you believe people love learning… if your students don’t enjoy the experience and they are leaving your course before you can even deliver all the great information you have to share, you’re already losing the game.

+20 Must-Have Tools Every Online Course Creators Needs

Online course creation can be an overwhelming process without the right tools.  In this blog post, I’m going to talk about the must-have tools every online course creator needs.  What type of tools do you need? It’s critical to understand what types of tools you should be using to create a profitable online course– and why. Specifically, you need: Content creation: Creating content is a big part of the online course creation process. You'll need different types of tools to help you film, record screencasts, edit videos, record audio, compress video files, and many more.  Content planning: Does your content makes sense? Is there content missing? Is there too much content? Are there any lessons that could be eliminated and turned into a downloadable worksheet instead? Having the necessary tools to help you map out your online course content and make an outline is a key step in creating an online course.  Selling & Email Marketing: How are you going to attract new students to your online course? Using email marketing, webinar, and landing page creation tools will help you promote the offering much faster than if you had to do it manually. Collaboration & Communication: If you are working with other people, you need tools that help you and your team edit, comment, and share tasks efficiently. Besides file sharing, you'll also need a good collaboration tool that helps team members communicate in real-time. Now that you know what types of tools you need, here are my top recommendations:

Guide Students Toward Completion: A Proven Method For Structuring Your Online Course

I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of courses over the years, and I’ve noticed many of them have a common problem: Most online courses have way too much content.  I believe course creators fall into this trap because they are worried about the quality or value of the content they are providing. This insecurity leads them to overload students with tons of content. The thought is this, even if it is subconscious, “I’m not sure how much they’ll value this content… But, if I give them LOTS of it, at least they’ll feel like they got their money’s worth!”

The Rapid Growth Of Online Education With The Stats To Prove It

The online education market is growing at a fast pace thanks to a confluence of factors. The growth is driven in part by student demand, fierce competition among institutions, and efforts by governments. The demand for e-learning also reflects a change in the way people want to learn. They want short, focused courses which they can take from any location and on any device. Advances in cloud-based solutions and IT security, along with the increased adoption of smartphones, mean the growth is likely to continue in the upcoming years. This presents several opportunities for course creators. If you are a coach, author, speaker or subject matter expert, you can benefit from the growth in the e-learning industry. Before you begin or continue creating more online courses, you need to understand the e-learning market and the notable trends in the industry.

3 Ways to Transform the Growth Trajectory of Your Online Course From Linear to Exponential

I’ve seen it a thousand times… You might be a seasoned coach, a best-selling author or a well-renowned speaker but when it comes to building and managing an online course, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the complexities and nuances of directing people through your system. And on top of that, you’re probably frustrated with investing thousands of dollars in Facebook Ads and having a website that hasn’t really been doing a good job of generating leads. Unfortunately, I meet A LOT of amazing coaches who are so, SO good at what they do… but they lack a solid strategy and end up struggling to make the profits AND the impact they truly deserve! Here’s the thing… The difference between success and failure in the online course world, I.E. the difference between linear and exponential growth has nothing to do with spending huge amounts of money in marketing or the fanciest platform! It’s about making the right decisions and taking a very strategic approach. If you’re struggling to get your online course business to the next level, and you want to skyrocket your profits, then I have three strategic actions you can take that will dramatically improve the profitability and success of your online course and also keep a steady stream of new clients coming through the door. Remember, there’s no need to blaze a new trail when you’re expanding and improving your online course business. Instead, follow a proven path to success and strategies we’ve tested and proven with our own clients.

5 Secrets That Will Keep Online Students Coming Back for More

It’s easy to think that customer acquisition is the key metric for determining online course success, but without engaged students, more sales mean nothing. Online course creators are spending a HUGE amount of money getting more customers; however, this is only the first step. After acquiring students, the key to accelerating online course profits is in engaging and retaining them.  Think about it: If your students are engaged, it’s likely that they’ll complete the course. And if they complete the course, they are much more likely to achieve their desired goals. This increases the probability that they will buy more of your courses in the future and recommend them to others. As a natural consequence, your profits will soar!

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