Viral Social loopTM

Viral Social loop

Imagine a world created where your best customers would willing promote you and your brand to their trusted network.

Imagine each customer owned their own broadcast center allowing them to effortlessly share their success with your product on autopilot 24/7 and 365.

Imagine that they’ve been trained so that they always want to distribute photos and images of their wins.

The Viral Social Loop™ is our proven methodology that takes advantage of the Facebook and social media vanity movement. We’ll come back to that in a moment.

The Viral Social Loop™ laser focuses the learner to complete your courses and extends the time that customers remain on your membership website.

It creates a mindset shift for the learner as they are trained to focus on the end result so that they can earn their digital badge. All of your marketing messaging will shift to differentiate your platform because you can show the learner that you’ve created a method for them to memorialize their success. We call this the learners Return On Education™.

Once the learner completes your course or attains a milestone in month eight of your membership site, they are awarded a digital badge. This fully automated process teaches them how to upload the digital badge to all of their social media, blogs, websites and email signatures.

They become your broadcast station as they show off their success. I know what you are saying, “this won’t apply to my business.” Let’s just say that half of our new customers say the same thing until we reveal how to position the badge to empower their customers. In every case, the digital badge has been a huge winner. So how does the Viral Social Loop™ work? Once the badges are installed, your client’s business associates, friends, family members and extended social media network instantly are alerted to this milestone.

That event is called an impression. Every time a person sees your clients badge, a new impression. Impressions are free advertising and curios people click on those “live” images to learn more about their friend’s accomplishments. Now we’ve connected free impressions with free leads. Free leads will turn into new clients and create a huge increase in your profit margins because it cost you zero dollars to acquire your new customer. Additionally, millions of global impressions created by your best customers install you as the global leader in your industry.

What I am describing is not a theory. It’s one of our proven methodologies that we use for each of our clients. The Viral Social Loop™:

  • Shifts your client’s mindset and focuses them on completion and creates happier customers who buy more stuff from you
  • Extends the length of time they stay in your membership site and increases the lifetime value of your customer
  • Allows you to differentiate yourself in all of your marketing and increase your conversion rate
  • Positions you as a global leader and this happens automatically when your clients share their success

The Viral Social Loop™ is a win-win- win. A win for your customer because they finish your courses and get an outcome, a win for the world because new people are introduced to your digital education and a win for you because your sales, profit, and brand rapidly grow.

The truth is this: digital badges are the future of e-learning. Students will eventually expect these for all courses, and if your course doesn’t provide this feature, it won’t be long before you’re competitors have knocked you out of the race.

Mike Weiss

Mike Weiss

Mike Weiss is the founder of Client Engagement Academy, The Client Engagement Membership Platform and Internet Sales Experts. He has become one of the top experts in online sales and marketing and client engagement. Mike's Client Engagement Membership Platform is leading the global movement utilizing modern technology and proven adult education methodologies to increase client engagement and course graduation rates causing profit margin expansion.

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