Get The Most Of Your Online Course: An Actionable Plan to Increase Your Credibility and Visibility

If we analyze the entire e-Learning market, two critical factors determine the success of an online course business: credibility and visibility.  It is easy to see why. While visibility lends you the attraction and interest of interested learners, credibility earns you the ‘trust’ factor, which is critical in the customer’s decision-making process. This article will delve deeper into how you can achieve both – but before that, there is something important you should know. Unravel What Makes You, You. Here are three steps that will help you determine what sets you apart, and how you can leverage your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for the success of your online course.

This is Stopping You From Growing Your Online Course Business (And How to Fix It)

Can’t figure out how to grow your online course business? I know that feeling! Nothing can feel more frustrating than realizing the need to grow your business, but being clueless about what exactly to do about it. In this post, I want to talk to you about a significant issue that’s stopping online course creators from growing their business, called Learning Friction™.

Ideas to Maximize Student Motivation in Your Online Courses

When I ask my clients what their biggest struggles with their online courses are, one factor that comes up every time: student motivation. Keeping your students excited, happy, and active throughout your online course can feel like an uphill battle sometimes. People live busy lives, they get distracted easily, and the amount of time they have to engage in learning is not that much.  But student motivation is crucial for students to achieve their desired outcomes and for your course to succeed. After all, the only way students will grow is if they complete your course, learn from it, and apply it in their life. So what’s the trick to encouraging people to take action, enjoy the experience and get to the finish line? Unfortunately, you can’t force motivation...but that doesn’t mean you can’t inspire it. Your job as an online course creator is to motivate adults to learn and to keep them on track towards reaching their goals.  Here are some proven strategies I have collected over the years:

Strategies to Engage Your Existing Students and Maximize Your Profits

Are you tired of wasting money on securing new students, only to find out that you have lost out on old ones? Are you discouraged by the fact that your current students are not completing your online courses? Do you feel all your efforts were in vain, as students who drop out are unable to benefit from the content you’ve worked so hard to create? I get you! I’ve been there - and most online course creators at some point in their journey have been there too! Unfortunately, low course completion rates are a massive epidemic in the online learning industry. While 79% of the students view online programs on par – if not better than traditional courses, they still have approximately 20% lower retention rates, compared to physical classes. What many online course creators don’t realize is that course completion rates MATTER! A high course completion rate is an excellent indicator of the quality of your learning experience. Not only does this signal your course is useful to your students, but as more people complete it, they are also more likely to refer your course to their peers and colleagues. In other words, an increased number of people completing, referring, and reviewing your course is bound to increase your profits. Consider this: How can you sell more of your courses to your existing students, if they are struggling to complete the first one?

6 Ways to Differentiate Your Online Course from the Competition

As the world continues to realize the benefits of online courses, new courses continue to be created and launched.  This means course creators are faced with rising competition – just consider this: the total number of MOOCs at the end of 2017 was 9,400 - up from 6,850 in 2016. In such a saturated market, the battle to stand out keeps rising. It’s not enough to build the perfect course anymore.  You have to differentiate your offering clearly and attract the right audience to this offering. The more you set your course apart from the rest, the better a niche you can carve for yourself. In this post, I’ll show you six ways you can differentiate your online course and get the attention and visibility you need to grow you business.

Five Mindset Shifts You Need to Build a Profitable Online Course Business

As a driven entrepreneur, you decided to turn to online courses to scale your business. You know you have everything you need to succeed: the motivation, the resources, and the experience in the subject matter. Despite everything however, you still find yourself struggling to maximize your online business’ growth. No matter how much you try, you can’t help but feel “stuck.” Are you familiar with this?? Are you wondering what the cause for all this frustration and confusion is?

7 Top Secrets for Creating Videos for Your Online Course

Is video content necessary in your online courses ? 

How to Organize Your Course Content for Short Attention Spans

What’s the difference between a book and pages filled with words? It’s simple. Structure.

Here're 5 Design Principles Successful Online Course Creators Use To Keep Students Engaged

Throughout the years, I’ve worked for leading players in the online education space like Agora Financial, GKIC, Ryan Deiss-Digital Marketer, Wicked Reports, as well as dozens of successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders like Matt Bacak, Jason Hornung, Kent Clothier-Real Estate Worldwide, Keith Kranc, and many others. I often get asked by my clients looking to scale and replicate this success, “what’s the secret?”

A Beginner’s Roadmap To Online Course Creation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Creating an online course is a lot like building a machine. There’s a lot of planning and a whole lot of parts to it. Too many entrepreneurs dive head first into e-learning without really knowing what they’re getting themselves into. They get lured by the money, but get caught off guard by the work! I know how overwhelming starting an online course can be, which is why I wanted to create a guide for every new ‘edupreneur.’ While I can’t promise you this guide will guarantee your course’s success, I CAN promise you that it will save you a lot of time and a lot of stress. Honestly, I wish someone had given me this list before creating my first course. So here you have it! From me, a seasoned education technology expert (that has created online courses for the top guns in the industry like Digital Marketer), to YOU!

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