Our insecurity about people getting a student outcome, we want to dump them with more and more stuff. Bad idea. They didn't need more; they need a client pathway that's going to get them a result. So that's one of the big things we do, we actually strip away a lot of stuff that's not important. They want to focus on one problem, one solution, check. I'll buy the next solution. One problem, one solution, check. That's how people learn, and that's how people evolve. So whatever you're teaching, we want them to have student outcomes and be the best version of themselves, whether it's personal development, health, wealth, business, doesn't matter. So we need to understand these core concepts. So, here's the learner and this is the ascension model for the e-learning platform. Specialist, certified, coach. Entry level course, advanced course, mastery. It's like the equivalent of walking in to, say, Wal-Mart and all the information's there versus Ikea, a very narrow pathway. We help people take their monthly continuity and structure it in a way where there's monthly badges, there's skill milestones based on what they can accomplish on a narrow pathway. The black belt system really didn't exist in China because they said, "Hey, it's gonna take you a decade to become a karate master." When other cultures started practicing, they deconstructed their black belt system with recognition at the end of each level.

You've heard of the black belt system in martial arts. The Client Ascension Model™ is exactly like that. Instead of one program which takes ten years to master, the black belt system broke it all down into steps. The Client Ascension Model™ does the same thing for your business.

At Client Engagement Academy, we look at your content and use Client Ascension Model to break down your courses the best way possible. If it should be 2, 3, 6, 9 and how to price them for max profitability and student outcome