You have probably heard this term being thrown around in the news in reference to college and university. With billions of dollars in student debt, the question arising is if people are getting the return they deserve on the education they are paying for. Here at Client Engagement Academy, our mission is to help 100,000,000 million students around the world get the student outcome and return on education they deserve. Our philosophy of providing students with a desired tangible and applicable result for their courses is the biggest reason for the success shared between us and our clients. By focusing on the return, you prove the course value and extend the lifetime value of your customers by inspiring them to further their education on your platform with more courses.

Digital badge portfolios are a powerful tool for your students to tell a story of what they can do, how they can contribute to society and their communities, and what they bring to new settings while scaling your business with repeat customers. They're the biggest secret behind Digital Marketer's success - and will be a key component in yours, too.

Basically, Return on Education™ relates to putting a price on the client’s time and money when it comes to their investment in a course and then developing a methodology to show them how to get a return on it. Like the value of a college degree vs MBA.